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An exclusive beauty and wellness place in the city of Monza, in the musicians district, a few steps away the wonderful park of Villa Reale. A unique place which offers you unforgettable moments of relax, beauty treatments, embracing rituals and innovative cosmetics products. A place where you can regenerate yourselves and where you can find harmony between body and mind, away from the everyday stress and from the chaotic noise of the city. The delicate scent of flowers, essential oils and the soothing music create a suggestive atmosphere, in order to involve all of your senses and giving you pleasant wellness moments. The scientific innovation and the wisdom of nature combine with aesthetic advanced programs and visible results.
Face and body find a new energy.
Into the delicate atmosphere of Maison Althea, professional staff, highly skilled will suggest you special treatments, personalized programs and products such as Comfort zone, a leader in the field of aesthetic that operates internationally since more than 10 years.

In 2012 we decided to renovate Maison Althea, giving our customers the chance to purchase easily on our website as if they were into our shop located in Monza, the following services:
-    To purchase treatments for you or give as a gift at our shop in Monza.
-    To order and receive Comfort zone products directly to your home all across Europe by an international courier.

Register now to our site, an exclusive "Reserved Area" will be visible to you, where all of our loyal customers will be able to view any active promotion.

In addition you will be the first to be update by email.

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